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Lidertura, in association with the Rafael Milanés García library, PazCaribe and Lacuhe, launched the First Lidertura Poetry Contest 2022 for the purpose of encouraging and identifying young talent in Cereté, Córdoba, Colombia.


The participants of the First Cycle of Lidertura went through an academic workshop on poetic construction given by Colombian teachers and poets Catalina Pérez Gil and Carmen Alicia Peréz. They explored the use of poetic resources such as comparison, metaphor, personification, and hyperbole, to help them achieve unifying embellishment of words, achieve an artistic fabric, and develop their personal style that distinguishes each creator.  The young talent also participated in virtual gatherings with prominent international poets; here stories were exchanged about the relationships of writing and reading, interpretations of poems, and ending with feedback of each fragment read aloud.


The contest has a qualifying jury made up of five prominent local and international writers: Tamara Paloma, Mayron Blanco, Irene Tapias, Mayra Alejandra Izquierdo López and Ana A. Marchena Segura.

Tamara was born in 1974. She holds a master’s degree in Creative Writing from the National University of San Marcos, and a second master’s degree in Cultural Management. She has a specialization in the Latin American Editors course from the Complutense University of Madrid, after having been awarded a scholarship from the Carolina Foundation. She has been an accomplished ghostwriter for more than eighteen years.

Tamara has participated in the fantastic narrative contest Mundos en Tinieblas in Buenos Aires and in the IV Concurso de microrrelatos organized by the Casa de la Literatura in her native Peru.  Her writing production has led her to publish poems, short stories, flash fiction, and essays. She is currently working on a conceptual project of poetry and science fiction, in addition to her ongoing work as a teacher.

Tamara Paloma.jpg

Mayron was born April 18, 1984, in San José, Costa Rica.  He is a native of San Marcos de Tarrazú, a coffee-growing region, located on the Central Pacific coast, south of the capital.

In 2011, he wrote his first book entitled El Diario de un Poeta Solitario, a collection of poems featuring his "Poetic Madness", a mixture of emotions and longings, which tear at his soul and become a series of heartbreaking and deep poems.

His second project, El Bosque Enfermo y Algunas Pesadillas, was published in 2018. This led him to participate in book fairs in the United States including the Lacuhe International Book Fair in New York, the New Jersey Book Fair, and the International Book Fair in Colombus, Ohio.

In 2021, his third work, The Devils Tree y otros relatos lúgubres was released. This is a set of suspense stories that incites the reader to enter this version of "Poetic Madness". In the same year, he was invited to be part of the anthology Colección Poética Lacuhe 2021, which was published in New York City and gathered more than twenty Latin American poets.

He shares his new projects at book fairs around the United States and in meetings with Latin American writers at literary events.  Mayron currently lives in Paterson, New Jersey, USA.

Mayron Blanco.jpeg

Irene was born in Moñitos, Córdoba, Colombia, in the early ‘80s. Since she was 8 years old, she has lived in Montería, Córdoba, Colombia. She studied law at the Pontifical Bolivarian University, Montería, Colombia. She is an accomplished Writer, Narrator, Poet, Lawyer, Cultural Manager, and University Teacher.

She is the author of the book Poemas al vacio, published by Editorial UPPB - Medellín in 2019, which was launched at the Un río de libros Fair, in Montería, in October 2019. Narrative and poetic works of her authorship have been published in the newspaper El Meridiano de Córdoba (2004, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2018); in the Letralia Tierra de Letras magazine of Venezuela (2009); in the Libros & Letras magazine of Colombia (2010); in Palabra Abierta - Revista Independiente de Cultura Hispanoamericana, of New York (2011 - 2017); in the Junta Letras Magazine, in the editions of 2011 and 2016; in her blog in 2006; in the anthology Con El Perdón de los Árboles (2012), published by the Ministry of Culture; through RELATA where her short story "Cantalicio" was included, and in the Papel y Lápiz Editorial Platform.

Her name was included in the Latin American Dictionary of Poets by Jorge Consuegra (2010) in which she appears with her full name and surname (Sandra Irene Tapias Corcho). She was a member of the creative writing workshop Raúl Gómez Jattín based in Cereté, Córdoba, Colombia, between 2009 and 2010. For five years she was part of the theater group "Espejos Rotos" of the Pontifical Bolivarian University. She was a finalist in several university poetry contests. For several years she was Director of the Literary Workshop "David Sánchez Jualiao" of the Pontifical Bolivarian University of Monteria, and attached to the National Network of Literary Workshops - RELATA, of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.

Irene Tapias hosts the radio show "Orion" - Radio Revista Cultural that is broadcast by the radio station Frecuencia Bolivariana.  She is a member of the Papel y Lápiz Editorial Group. She also directs the Chindau Literario - a creative writing workshop based in Monteria.

Irene Tapias.jpeg

Born in Cereté, Colombia. She is a poet and graduate in Castilian Language from the University of Cordoba. Her specialty is Pedagogy and Teaching at the Universidad del Área Andina in Bogotá. She has been director of the literary workshop "Raúl Gómez Jattin" in Cereté, and is currently director of the workshop "Artesanos de palabras" in Montería, both ascribed to the National Network of Creative Writing RELATA of the Ministry of Culture. Her poems have been published in the magazine "Junta Letras", and the anthology "Nuevos narradores y poetas del caribe colombiano" of the Ministry of Culture, in the magazine Mallarmargens of Brazil (where they were translated into Portuguese); also, in several anthologies of the Encuentro de Mujeres Poetas de Cereté, in the anthology "Aguas con corrientes múltiples" of Argentina, and in the cultural section of local newspapers. She has participated as a poet and moderator in different workshops and literary festivals in the country.


Ana A. Marchena Segura and her family emigrated to Puerto Rico in 1984.  She studied at the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and obtained a bachelor's degree in Superior Education in Spanish and then completed two master's degrees (Hispanic Linguistics and Teaching Spanish as a Native Language). At the same institution, she completed a doctorate in education with a specialization in Teaching and Curriculum.

She has been a professor in the Graduate Program of Linguistics at the University of Puerto Rico; teaches language and literature at the Schools of General Studies and Humanities at the Cayey and Río Piedras Campuses of the same University, as well as at the Ana G. Méndez University System, Metro and Bayamón Campuses. She directed the Linguistics Graduate Certificate of the Faculty of Humanities of the UPR until June 2018.  Ana currently serves as a researcher on the Faculty of Education of the UPR.

She has published several research papers in linguistics and several of her poems and short stories have been published in the anthologies Abrazos del Sur (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) from the "Canciones sin Fronteras" group, which brings together Latin American writers. Her second poetry collection, Doledades, was published in April 2019, as part of the International Book Fair of Santo Domingo, DR. She is co-author of the anthologies Grietas en el Tiempo (Editorial Raíces) published in March 2019; Latin American Cultural Heritage from New York in 2020, Patria (Editorial Raíces 2020); the Antología de la Asociación de Profesores Universitarios (2021) and the anthology Mi suelo, a collection of poems dedicated to the land and nature of the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

She has also published several articles on linguistics and education in various specialized journals and national and international congresses. Designated Cultural Ambassador by the government of Azua de Compostela (2013); Hija Meritísima de Azua (2013); Emeritus Professor at the Universidad Tecnológica del Sur (2013). At the International Book Fairs 2016, 2019, and 2022, she has been one of the writers of the Dominican Diaspora, and a guest of honor of the Ministry of Culture. Guest of the Embassy of Spain as a speaker and book presenter at the Madrid Book Fair 2018; at the Mesoamerican Poetry Congress, Costa Rica (2017); at the University of Panama (2017, 2019); at the 77th Madrid Book Fair (2018) and the Cultural Festival of Fire in Santiago de Cuba (2018), among others. Awarded the Recognition of Meritorious Women 2018 by the Permanent Commission of Equity and Gender, Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic, INDEX PR 2021: Outstanding Dominican Abroad. Currently serves as a cultural ambassador of Latin American Cultural Heritage, Inc. (New York) and Cultural Ambassador Girasol Woman of Asorbaex Geneva (Switzerland).

Ana Marchena.JPG

Four place


$25 USD and Certificate


Third place


$45 USD and Certificate


Second place


$55 USD and Certificate


First place


$85 USD and Certificate

  • An article about the winner published on

  • Interview on a radio station in New York City, called Aquí Entre Nos Global Radio, with Zamira Espinosa.

  • Interview in a TV program in Argentina, called Cata de Libros, with Perla Mendoza.

  • Interview in the Lidertura Podcast directed by Samuel Acosta Ynoa.

  • Face-to-face and virtual interview in the city of Montería, Córdoba, Colombia, at the Libro Tinto public bookstore, with the teacher and writer Luis F. López.

On Friday, September 16, 2022, at 5 p.m. Colombian time, a meeting will be held on the Zoom platform that will be broadcast live on the official Lidertura Facebook page in which the qualifying jury, members of the organizations allied to Lidertura and the young participants will be present to announce winners.

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