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LIDERTURA is a non-profit initiative providinga creative and safe space for developing young literary writers.

  • Promote the creation of a movement uniting young writers from different ethnic groups, motivating them to express their passions through literature.

  • Create a safe space where there is a free exchange of stories, culture, and individuality, and strengthen their character growth as future leaders in their communities.

  • Develop a series of workshops and academic presentations that strengthen and expand literary creation skills.

  • Promote physical and virtual meeting spaces for the dissemination and discussion of reading and writing.

Among the programs offered by Lidertura are: academic and university training workshops in narrative, poetry, talks with teachers in various areas of study, gatherings, personalized mentoring, and Podcasts.

Lidertura is implementing its First Cycle in the Rafael Milanés García Library, in the city of Cereté, Córdoba, Colombia.

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On a trip organized by PazCaribe, a non-profit organization promoting territorial peace in Colombia with art as a vehicle for change and transformation, Samuel Acosta Ynoa, who was part of the Segundo Campo Solidario (Second Solidarity Camp), presented motivational talks and literature readings with groups of local writers, university students, and users of the Rafael Milanés García Library. On November 3, 2021, he made a presentation to a group of young people from Cereté who love writing and reading. Samuel saw in them the desire to grow in that art. Before leaving, he told them: “I will return next year and when I do, I will not be the one presenting. I will be part of the public, and you will be the ones presenting your writings and stories”.

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With this promise in mind, he returned to New York City, USA, and began to develop a proposal along with José Juan Hermández, newly appointed Vice President of Lidertura. The proposal was presented to the PazCaribe and Lacuhe organizations. Both entities enthusiastically joined the project. With their support, a short time later the proposal was presented to María Marcela Rhenals Petro, Coordinator of the municipal public library in Cereté, who graciously also approved it. On March 9, 2022, the orientation event for the First Lidertura’s Cycle was held at the Rafael Milanés García Library, marking the beginning of an artistic and cultural movement for peace.

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