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Lidertura in alliance with PazCaribe, Lacuhe and the Rafael Milanés García Municipal Library, is launching the call for the First Narrative Contest to highlight and disseminate new young talents in Cereté, Córdoba, Colombia. It is addressed solely to the participants of the First Lidertura Cycle.


The call begins on April 15 and closes on June 18, 2022, at 6 p.m. The contest has a qualifying jury made up of five outstanding writers: Ricardo Vacca Rodríguez, Gladys Mercedes Acevedo, Edgar Smith and Luz María López, under the coordination of María Marcela Rhenals Petro, Director of Lidertura, in Colombia. All of them, in a long evaluation process, will select the four finalists that will be listed from fourth to first place.

Ricardo was born in Peru. He studied Psychology and Literature at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru. He is a Psychologist-Addictionologist. He has published 6 books in Peru on his specialty in addictions.


(Erradícame Ed., 2018) NY, USA, won third place in the “North Texas Book Festival” Literary Contest (Texas-2019) USA. Another publication is “Bendito pecado y otras fascinaciones” a book of stories (Ed. Eradicame, 2021, USA). In addition, he has participated in the poetic anthology “Versos Estivales”, (Editorial Book&Smith, New York, 2018), in the book of stories “Así somos” (Ed. La nota latina, 2020) Miami, USA, and in the LACUHE Poetic Collection, (Editorial Lacuhe, 2020) New York. Ricardo has been published in the Literary Magazine “Zopilote” (Mexico, 1970), in the literary anthology “El Llanero Literario” (Venezuela, 1987), and in the book “Callao, pasado, presente y futuro” (Ed. CONCYTEC, Peru, 1976). He is also included in the Anthology of micro-stories of the New York Central Library, (Ed. Tinta y café, 2019) NY.


He is co-compiler of Antología de narradores peruanos radicados en USA [Anthology of Peruvian narrators based in the USA: What we have in common], (Editorial Pukiyari 2019), USA, including four of his published stories. This book won third prize in the Literary Contest “International Latino Books Awards”, 2019, Los Angeles, USA.

Ricardo Vacca Rodríguez.webp

He won first prize for short story at the “La Nota Latina” Literary Contest, 2019, Miami, USA, and third prize in the “National Texas Book Festival” Literary Poetry Contest, Book Award-2019, USA.


He was a member of the “Amauta” Literary Circle of Callao. He is currently a member of the "Círculo Literario Letras Vivas", Virginia, USA and the “Resolver” Literary Circle, in New Mexico, USA.

Born in Goya, Corrientes, Argentina, sheis a novelist, short storywriter, essayist, historian, chronicler, and plastic artist. She is the Universal Ambassador of Peace for Argentina, appointed in Switzerland and France; SheisAmbassadorforMen and WomenSunflowerAsorbaexSpain. Gladys is the founding Director of the Museo Gauchesco Curuzú as well as the Museo de Mitos y Leyendas Guaraníes [The Museum of Guarani Myths and Legends] in the city of Goya.


She is President of the World Association of Latin American Writers. Her novels have been translated into four languages. She is the first Argentine novelist whose book Las Tres Muertes de Camila y Curuzú has been translated into the Bengali language. Along with Nobel Prize Winner Gabriela Mistral, Isabel Allende and Patricia Montes. She coordinates meetings of national and international writers.

Gladys Mercedes Acevedo .jpg

Edgar Smith, Dominican, is a writer, editor and translator. He has published fifteen books in Fiction, Short Fiction and Poetry. These include the novel (2017), a book of short stories (2021) which reached number one in sales on Amazon in the Latin American fiction category, and the collection of poems (2022), also number one in Amazon sales in the category of Caribbean poetry. His poems and short stories have been selected for numerous magazines and anthologies, including The Latino Book Review, New York Poetry Press Magazine, Intimate Portrait of Dominican Poets, and New Century Poets. Edgar has edited and/or translated more than 60 books through the Books&Smith Indie publishing house, which he founded in 2015.


He has been invited to read his poetry at the University of Naugatuck, CT, at the Confluencia event (2017); at Lehman College, NY, and at the Irish Theater (2018), NY, among many others. He has been selected as Judge for the International Latino Book Awards in the Fiction Translation category.

Edgar Smith.webp

Luz is a bilingual author who publishes in both Spanish and English. She is a poet, narrator, translator, editor, anthologist, prologist, lecturer, and international cultural promotor. She is President of the Academic Committee of the EMH International Book Fair in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and a Contributing Editor for “The Dhaka Review” - A Poetry Journal. Luz serves on the Editorial Board of the Literary Magazine. And is an Honorary Member of the National Council of International Independent Writers. She has received the Kathak Literary Award, Dhaka International Poets Summit, 2017; "Shaan-E-Adab" Award, XI International Writers Festival, University of Udaipur, India, 2016. She has been invited to multiple Poetry Festivals, Book Fairs, Expo-Colloquiums, and Congresses. She has published eight books of poetry, which has been translated into more than 20 languages ​​and featured in books of selected authors, literary magazines, and international anthologies.

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Four place


$25 USD and Certificate


Third place


$45 USD and Certificate


Second place


$55 USD and Certificate


First place


$85 USD and Certificate

  • An article about the winner published on

  • Interview on a radio station in New York City, called Aquí Entre Nos Global Radio, with Zamira Espinosa.

  • Interview in a TV program in Argentina, called Cata de Libros, with Perla Mendoza.

  • Interview in the Lidertura Podcast directed by Samuel Acosta Ynoa.

  • Face-to-face and virtual interview in the city of Montería, Córdoba, Colombia, at the Libro Tinto public bookstore, with the teacher and writer Luis F. López.

  • Virtual chat with members of the Lacuhe and PazCaribe organizations.

On July 15, 2022, at 5 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Colombia time) there will be a meeting on the Google Meet platform that will be broadcast live on the Official Lidertura Facebook Page in which the qualifying jury, and the participants will be present to announce the winners.

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