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Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Lidertura, in association with the Rafael Milanés García municipal public library, PazCaribe and LACUHE developed the First Lidertura Narrative Contest 2022 for the promotion of new literary voices in Cereté, Córdoba, Colombia. Eleven of the twenty young people from Cereté who are members of the First Lidertura Cycle participated in this competition. Their writings went through an evaluation process by a qualifying jury with extensive experience in literature.

On Friday, July 15, the contest award event was held, where the four winning places were announced. It was carried out in person at the Rafael Milanés García library, and virtually through the Zoom platform, broadcast live from the Lidertura Facebook page.

The event was attended by the distinguished members of the Qualifying Jury: Ricardo Vacca Rodríguez (Peru), Gladys Mercedes Acevedo (Argentina), Edgar Smith (Dominican Republic) and Luz María López (Puerto Rico). Members of organizations associated with the Lidertura pilot project also participated, such as Gladys María Montolio, president of LACUHE; Maggie Urueta Oviedo, Lawyer Specialist in Law of PazCaribe and the coordinator of the municipal public library of Cereté, and María Marcela Rhenals Petro, who moderated the event, along with other key people contributing to the success of this contest.

In addition, there were the young participants, as well as their cheering families and friends. Everyone was able to witness the results of the dedication, passion, commitment, and love towards such an honorable artistic expression that conveys unique and special talents. These promising young leaders are budding architects who married words into sentences that became immortal bridges connecting readers to a world of possibilities, contemplating the beauty of culture, history, values, individuality, and visions of the world, amongst other biographical components of the creator.

Before the awards ceremony began, Samuel Acosta Ynoa, President of Lidertura, expressed the following words: “You are all winners, you have the same power of nature… to give life to something from nothing. That is why it is a victory in itself. Your writings are the tangible testimony that shows yourselves that you can achieve everything that resides in your hearts.” He paused and added, “This reminds me of a quote from motivational writer Jim Rohn, “The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” Later, he added: “the beauty of the artist's growth happens during the process”.

After Samuel finished, María Marcela began the delivery of the certificates, calling the young people one by one, who received a shower of applause from all those present. When four finalists were left, she asked them to get up from their seats and stand in front of the audience, and she proceeded to call them from fourth place to first.

Fourth place

Esteven Jesús Jiménez Mestra, story title “Algo inesperado”.

Third place

Alejandro Jiménez Mendoza, story title “Un postre de vainilla con crema de fresa”.

Second place

Alix Dayana Peña Ramos, story title “Cuaderno de notas”.

First place

Camilo José Marzola Vélez, story title “No se busca a nadie”.

The audience, both physical and virtual, lifted the room with applause and rejoicing. The Lidertura family is proud and congratulates those who participated in the contest. Such competition and recognition motivates participants to continue writing to change the world through the beauty that literature offers.

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