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Award Event for the 2022 First Lidertura Poetry Competition.

Great writers have framed in their verses the greatness of poetry and stories, with feelings and knowledge. Perhaps from an ontological perspective, a poet is a spectator in the middle of an ocean of stories, a witness to reality, someone with a story; a story narrated with a shout, or a small voice, which transcends and embellishes the world.

Lidertura as an initiative focused on the creation of literary and peace spaces, together with the municipal public library of Cereté, Rafael Milanés García, and non-profit organizations LACUHE and PazCaribe, carried out the First Lidertura Poetry Competition between August 24 and September 16, 2022 in the city of Cereté, a department of Córdoba, Colombia. The young members of the First Cycle of Lidertura, following the presentation of a poetry workshop by teacher Catalina Pérez Gil, were each able to compete with one of their poems written during the course of the poetry workshop.

In this First Poetry Contest, 12 young members of the first cycle of Lidertura participated, and their poems went through a rigorous review and evaluation process by five talented members of the qualifying jury. The jury was comprised of writers, teachers and professionals in the arena of linguistics and literature, who also had long artistic careers. Some of them have been special guests in previous Lidertura talks and gatherings, with the aim of encouraging the participation of young members in this first cycle in activities related to literature, and related topics we promote as a non-profit peaceful organization.

Last Friday, September 16, the award event for the first Lidertura poetry competition was held in both virtual and face-to-face modes at the Rafael Milanés García municipal public library of Cereté, and on the Google Meet platform, and also broadcast on the Lidertura official Facebook page. Under the moderation of María Marcela Rhenals Petro, coordinator of the municipal public library of Cereté, the winners of the contest were announced. Attending dignitaries included the Vice President of Lidertura, José Juan Hernández Urueta, and the Coordinator of Culture and Director of the School of Music in the Cereté Municipality, Brian Doria Barazarte. And, of course, recognition of all the participants in the contest, young poets who deserve accolades for all the effort and progress they have made in this cycle.

The award event had the valuable and timely presence of some of the members of the qualifying jury: Mayron Blanco (Costa Rica), Tamara Paloma (Peru) and Ana Marchena (Dominican Republic), also with the wonderful presence of members of associated organizations to the Lidertura pilot project, such as Ana Soto, plastic artist and writer, and a member of LACUHE; Maggie Urueta Oviedo, Lawyer Specialist in Law at PazCaribe, and some special guests in previous Lidertura talks such as Luz María López and Noemí Illescas. Likewise, and as a key element of the event, the presence of the young participants represented the very essence of Lidertura. Surrounded by family and friends who were able to attend this event, they were witness to the great efforts and passions for literature, reflected in each written verse, and each stanza composed of seas of emotions and testimonies. These young people from Cérete, students, employees, sons, brothers, and leaders who with each stroke of the pencil captured their essence on paper, led through art and self-liberation; becoming links between Cereté, a magical place that is the father of so many artists, and the whole world. It is also worth mentioning the valuable support of Irene Tapias (Colombia) and Mayra Izquierdo (Colombia), members of the qualifying jury who could not attend this event, but still greatly influenced it.

Before the winners of this first poetry contest were announced, Samuel Acosta Ynoa, president of Lidertura, expressed to all those present the main premise of this event, a premise represented by these words: "I have a mentor whose name is Jim Rohn. He is my great friend from a distance. In all his conferences he used this phrase: “The greatest value in life is not what you get; the greatest value in life is what you become.” In other words, success is not the final destination, but the process. Because that path into the unknown is discovering new things about yourself and what is possible for you. That in itself will lead you to achieve great things. Never give up, this is the beginning of something beautiful. Regardless of today's outcome, each of you is a winner.”

As a final act, after Samuel's words, and under the coordination of María Marcela, the delivery of certificates began to each participant. They were each called to the podium, with the the applause of the adoring people present, and the people who accompanied us from the Google Meet platform and live from our Facebook page. After that, the four talented finalists were announced and respectively, each certificate was delivered from fourth to first place.

Fourth place:

Alix Dayana Peña Ramos, title of the poem: Enfermedades del silencio [diseases of silence].

Third place:

David Daniel Reza López, title of the poem: Esta vez [this time].

Second place:

Jhoseth David Bravo Mogrovejo, title of the poem: El nosotros [we].

First place:

Alejandro Jiménez Mendoza, title of the poem: Esencia Sempiterna [sempiternal Essence].

All the public, both physical and virtual, filled the room with applause and jubilation. The Leadership family is filled with pride and congratulates those who participated in the contest and motivates them to continue writing to change the world through the beauty that literature offers.

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